Ventilation ducts and fittings made of plastic
Ventilation pipes and fittings made of plastic
Rain traps and exhaust air flow made of plastic
Silencers made of plastic
Fans made of plastic
Containers and inliners made of plastic
Turned and milled parts made of plastic
Components for the laboratory sector made of plastic
Custom-made products out of plastic

Plastics processing, ventilation ducts made of plastic, plastic ventilators, plastic processing, flaps, rain traps, mufflers

Plastic products from the specialists

Peters & Domscheit Plastic Processing GmbH manufactures products from thermoplastic materials for ventilation technology, chemical plant engineering, electroplating and special machine construction.

The production range of our company includes, inter alia, ventilation ducts and fittings made of plastic pipes and pipe fittings and plastic ventilators, mufflers, flaps, rain traps and containers.
We also manufacture turned and milled parts and special constructions made of plastic. 

Expertise in the development and processing of plastics

If you value expert advice, technical know-how and first-class quality in the field of plastics processing, you've found the right partner in Peters & Domscheit Plastic Processing GmbH, which was founded 30 years ago. Whether it’s plastic ventilation ducts and fittings, suitable radial ventilators or plastic containers that you're looking for: Peters & Domscheit Plastic Processing GmbH offers you tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

Our company, which was founded as a private company in 1984 and has its headquarters in Solingen, stands for high quality and flexibility in plastic processing, in special constructions, plastic ventilators and much more. Highly qualified and experienced employees guarantee the quality of our products and are ready to advise and assist you. This also applies to advice on technical questions and the design of individual components for your project. 

Plastic ventilation ducts and ventilators for building technology

For these reasons, you will find products from Peters & Domscheit Plastic Processing GmbH in many industrial and commercial buildings, administration buildings, training facilities and laboratories. We are trusted suppliers of plastic products, ventilators, rain traps and ventilation systems to Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Deutsche Telekom, RTL, ZDF and the Rammstein airbase, and many others. Many German universities like Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Wuppertal, etc. are also equipped with ventilators and ducts from our production facilities, thereby assuring the safe removal of polluted air.

Many customers will also rely on plastic containers and special constructions from Peters & Domscheit in their own production and research processes.  In this field, too, we are always striving to find tailor-made solutions for the particular purpose.

These customers and many more trust us: